We provide nucloc in the hope that it will be useful to other research groups. However, we do not guarantee that it will work directly with your data. Also, even though we have successfully tested the released version of nucloc on our images using default settings, other combinations of data and settings may cause unexpected bugs. If this happens, you can let us know using the following e-mail address:

help (at)

If possible, we will try and fix the problem and send you an updated version of nucloc. Bug reports should include a brief description of what you were doing, and if possible a copy of the red error messages appearing in the Matlab command window.

We welcome any feedback and suggestions for improvements or extensions of nucloc. If you fix bugs yourself or otherwise improve nucloc, please let us know, so that we can incorporate these changes into future versions.


For other questions, please contact us directly: Institut Pasteur, Groupe Imagerie et Modélisation