• nucloc is a suite of Matlab programs allowing to map and quantify subnuclear gene localization, as used and described in Berger et al., Nature Methods (2008).    

System requirements:

  • operating system: the software has been tested on PCs running Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit) and on Mac OS X (Linux may be supported in future releases).
  • software: nucloc runs under Matlab (Mathworks) and has been tested on Matlab releases R2007b and R2008a. In addition to Matlab itself, nucloc requires the following Matlab toolboxes: Image Processing Toolbox, Optimization Toolbox, Statistics Toolbox.
How to get nucloc software:
  • all source codes of nucloc are available free of charge for academic and non-profit researchers, provided that you register and sign a license agreement.
How to install nucloc:
  • after processing your request, we will send you an archive named
  • unzip this file and place the unzipped folder at your favorite location on your disk.
  • add the folder to your matlab search path (File->Set Path...-> Add Folder ...) and save the path ('Save' button).
How to run nucloc:
  • type 'nucloc' in the Matlab command window. For further instructions, please click on the "nucloc user instructions" link above.
Sample data:
  • To help you get started with nucloc, we provide a set of images that you can download here (2.56 Gigabytes). These are images of cells where the tagged locus is the gene encoding protein HMO1. If you follow the user instructions , you should be able to process these data and in particular to generate the probability map shown below.